Connecting Us To The Sun

The four volume series Connecting Us to the Sun includes an unparalleled historical exploration honoring the connections travelers have on their journey as they build two states, small communities, and a national park. The series uniquely brings attention to and is a tribute to the diverse historical trails leading to the development of communities throughout the mountainous region of the Northern Rockies, followed by the creation of Glacier National Park and the region’s enduring relationships up to the end of WWII.

Connecting Us to the Sun created in 2008 strives to encourage discussion among various groups and cultures and across vast geographic spaces that honor connections travelers have on their journey through individual growth, community development, building of states and the creation of a National Park.
 1. To advance public awareness and appreciation for the historical connections people have with one another.
 2. To stimulate mutually beneficial dialogue between individuals, groups, and across landscapes.
 3. To promote further exploration by historians of all levels.
 4. To support innovation in the pursuit of knowledge in history for all.

Take Note:
Each volume includes endnotes and a complete bibliography for Volume One and Two is in Volume Two. Also, Volume Two includes a special section on “Places Where People Are From” that covers Volumes One through Four.


Volume One - Trails Leading to Montana

Travelers from the East follow the lay of the land by horse, walking, wagon train, and the railroad to journey into unknown country. Facing challenges for what lies ahead leads to providing a paradise for some and difficulty for others. Minnesota becomes a state in 1858 and Montana in 1889. As we approach a new century there are greater expectations for an easier way of life.
Volume Two - A Nation’s Attention to the Northern Rockies

The new century has many people journeying to an area that will become Glacier National Park in 1910. Changes are occurring as the Old West fades away. The Going to the Sun Highway is constructed out of a mountainside for a wilderness experience enjoyed by all.
Volume Three - Finding Our Place in the Sun-the West Side

The west side of the Northern Rockies provides natural locations for communities to develop along beautiful glacier fed rivers and lakes, and in green meadows. These will come to be called such names as Apgar, Belton, and Polebridge. A rich history evolves of people depending on each other and the land to survive.
Volume Four - Finding Our Place in the Sun-the East Side

A rugged terrain on the east side of the Northern Rockies results in survival of the fittest. Communities spring up in areas where people depend on their own survival techniques to endure harsh winters and great distances to other communities. For each individual the reason to live where the mountains rise from the prairies is as unique as the incredible unparalleled beauty seen at Essex, East Glacier, St. Mary, Babb and the Canadian Rockies of Waterton.

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